I am starting with an illustration about how to apply “ENCOURAGE” as a tool for kids’ success. One day, my kid told me that he learnt “Handling Data” in maths.

I asked him,”Did you enjoy Data handling session?” He said,”Yes”(without meeting my eyes).
I further asked,” So, tell me how does it benefit in comparison to normal data?”.

He shared nothing and instead, he fumed after couple of my attempts of asking same thing.

What I realized is that the students are fed the right path as computer program and no need to know why it is right as computer also does not ask why the intended program is fed.

The reason why students do not know the application of what they are learning is that they are not “ENCOURAGED to make MISTAKES”. Rather, kids are rebuked if they commit mistake or do experiments. They are told to strictly follow the text book guidelines. Therefore, kids stop applying their mind because it is conditioned in their mind that what they know is not correct and what teacher says is the only “Best” thing in the world ,so, they need not to explore the knowledge themselves.

Sincerely speaking, our kids need “ENCOURAGE” vitamin not to succeed but make mistakes, errors, failures so that he understands how not to fail and succeed with confidence, but definitely not like a puppet.

The kid should be proud of what he/she says, writes and speaks because he/she really owns it. Click the following link to explore more about how “ENCOURAGE” vitamin helps kids learn faster and better-