Educarelive is dedicated to learning and development of individual or a team or a function. We believe learning is a continuous process. Hence, we have come up with various initiatives for learners development following are highlights of our efforts—

History of Educarelive

It was hot and humid summer  of June-  2006, Bikaner in Raj. I contemplated a unique idea of training and development for new generation, best possible learning methodology for students, those person related to sales and sales training.

By Aug -2006 I met another crazy person Arun ( he thinks world is nothing but numbers…….he is data analytics guy from Mars…..and he says to become a good doctor, do not take admission in medical college but a maths college….isn’it baap of craziness..,,call him and ask the explaination….we can’t). He was also bitten by the bug, then the moments sparkled to make some small changes to community.Now, we have power of two equals to eleven. Within short time we booked a domain in 2007.

Now two friends on same track but both were diverging.Later on, we met craziest among us Mr.Hitendra Joshi with impressive moustache , he was anchoring guys to jobs through his portal Aabhaasmanpower services, Now, we the trio are at Jodhpur – Rajasthan since 2010 and result of our discussion on Ramji’s tea stall was ultimately booking a complete domain name www.educarelive.in and we started solving and working on exam related issues, and we got tremendous response to make us crazier. Very soon, some of corporate investors came to us and infused their money to build www.educarelive.in as per their requirements.

Than I moved to Kota, perhaps to learn and witness the great great Kumbha of students inundating the place in hope of a seat in IIT and medical colleges.

After kota, I flew to Udaipur in Jan – 2015 where management Students and corporate did “manthan” sort of thing to my idea, Here I met with Mr. Neeraj vyas ( Expert in building business on papers) he is very devoted to learning and development. We did various seminars in Mumbai, Here new facets were added to our work, We did various work on people skill development and we also started providing job to job seekers along with trainibg and skill development support.

Again I landed back to Jodhpur in 2016 Here I met with Mr. shambhu singh (if in 2002, We could have worked on his idea, we would have been the inventor of algotrading in India) and Mr. Vikas Joshi (person who likes figures…… I mean accounting figures) , they worked hand in hand with us. Now we are a kind of squad who is dedicated to Learning and development of society.

Very recently, we took off with a pathbreaking idea….idea of rating teachers and education institute…..not by us….but by students and parents. A review system for most unreviewed system inspite of the most needed one.

Hope you are with us in this journey and will make idea work.