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Our Philosophy

Educate, Engage, Encourage,

We trust in creating inclining in such a way the learning Educate himself for better society tomorrow, We construct all procedure so as to draw in the student for getting progressively about learning. We think "figuring out how to doing" idea.

Drawn in learning investigates new thoughts, a better approach to get the ideal result, He/She create higher request thinking process. We take part in movement application for OK from office staff to the executives, understudy courses are designed with loads of research and interview.

Urge makes a man to Superman, it isn't about the inspiration, however Educarelive process made to recognize rationale to persuade. "Well done"  a straightforward word can change move toward becoming failer to effective. our characterized consolation movement assist a student with performing great into life and innovator for other people.

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Learning Center

D-98 Kamla Nehru Nagar
1st Floor, Areez Tower,
Phase 01, Nr. J.K. Medical Hall
Jodhpur, Rajasthan -IN 342001


 Support:- Support@educarelive.in
Complaints: complaints@educarelive.in

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Work with us

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Educarelive Mission creating a next-generation education system, beyond the boundary, Learning for all, We will make an ecosystem, desire knowledge, Skill, counseling, will get in one click.

We would like to become the most admirable Education System by - 2025,

We build a robust education system that becomes Easy, Affordable, and Uniform. It can help many people to learn and grow in career and become a better citizen.

Our core value is Caring, Credibility, Collaborate, Excellency and cost-conscious,

Educarelive is process oriented identity. Processes are meant for smooth operation. For quality management, we are certified from Euro Global ISO 9001-2015

We will get back to you within 48 Hr working hours.. In case your complaint does not solve in 48 Hr. Please mark a copy to grievance@educarelive.in. You may opt chatbot for a quick resolve. 

Working Days :

Monday to Friday:- 10 am to 5.30 pm
Saturday:- Half Day 
Sunday   :- Holliday 


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